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"...I'd like to say that you guys at Kenton are offering the best service I've ever had. Didn't expect a reply before monday morning! That's really great! ..."

"... thank you very much for your fast and very efficient service you provided in delivering my product. I will definitely recommend your company to my music friends..."

"...I have 5 of your Pro-Solos, including three USB's and they all work absolutely flawlessly..."

Kenton Sync 5 DIN sync

The GPMX-16, bi-directional version of the GPIM-16 is now in production and is in stock ......more

Killamix™ Mini
Controller for Ableton & other software / hardware applications
Now with BLUE LEDs and non-click encoders

Enhance your performance with this compact USB controller from Kenton
..... more
SYNC-5  1 DIN Sync to 5 DIN Sync outs
Kenton Sync 5 DIN sync

Receives DIN Sync data (sometimes called Sync-24) from a single source (e.g. sequencer or drum machine) and produces identical copies at the 5 DIN Sync Output sockets. These can then be connected to the SYNC IN sockets of other devices which require DIN Sync signals sent to them.

Kenton Sync 5 DIN sync

Using a USB devices with a MIDI USB Host removes the need for a computer.
MIDI In & Out are provided for USB MIDI keyboards and controllers. MIDI data received at the MIDI In is sent to the USB device. MIDI data received from the USB device is sent to the MIDI Out.

MODULAR SOLO   Modular MIDI to CV Converter

All the features of the Pro-Solo MkII plus 3 further Auxilliary outputs all in a modular rack format.

Supplied complete with ribbon cable to enable connection to rack systems which conform to the Eurorack (A100) format. Available now.

Read the Sound on Sound review here

USB SOLO   USB MIDI to CV converter

The USB SOLO enables you to get the most from your analogue synth via your computer’s USB port.

All the features of the proven Pro-Solo mkII but with 40 memories plus the higher speed and greater convenience of a USB connection.

LNDR   MIDI line driver

LNDR is a master and slave pair that allows MIDI to be sent accurately in both directions across distances of over 500 metres (1640 feet) using a standard CAT5 cable.

This is over 33 times the distance achievable using standard MIDI cables. Master unit is mains powered using included PSU.

Kenton Merge-4  Intelligent MIDI Merge

Merge the MIDI data from up to 4 separate sources into a single MIDI data stream which appears at both of the MIDI out sockets.

Mains powered using supplied power adaptor so you can fit and forget. Brushed aluminium case.

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