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"...the MIDI USB Host arrived as promised ... very simple to connect up and (as expected) worked exactly as it says on the tin..."

"...I've installed one Kenton Retrofit for Korg PS3200 to 3200 a few years ago, I had no word other than "AMAZING" ..."

"... thank you very much for your fast and very efficient service you provided in delivering my product. I will definitely recommend your company to my music friends..."

Retrofit Kits              

Fitting a MIDI retrofit kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or fitted by us at our premises in South London.

Serial Numbers                         

    How can I tell what revision my Prophet 5 synth is?

    Refer to the list of serial numbers below:

  0184-1299 2
  1300-2285 3.0
  2286-2423 3.1
  2424-2451 3.0
  2452-2455 3.2
  2456 3.0
  2457-2465 3.2
  2466 3.0
  2467-2476 3.2
  2477 3.0
  2478 ---> 3.2

If you don't know the serial number of your Prophet - as a rough guide: Rev 2 - has no heatsink on the back - the Rev 3.0/3.1 - has heatsink but no "interface" sockets Rev 3.2 - has heatsink and two interface sockets to the right of the heatsink (as you look at the back) Rev 3.3 - as 3.2 but has IEC mains socket and 120 programs instead of 40


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