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"...the MIDI USB Host arrived as promised ... very simple to connect up and (as expected) worked exactly as it says on the tin..."

"...I've installed one Kenton Retrofit for Korg PS3200 to 3200 a few years ago, I had no word other than "AMAZING" ..."

"... thank you very much for your fast and very efficient service you provided in delivering my product. I will definitely recommend your company to my music friends..."

You can use it with the Pro-KADI mkII or with a Pro-2000 mkII with optional KADI port.

Kenton Pro-KADI mkII

Kenton Pro-2000 mkII with optional KADI port

For either of the above options you need to select the version with the Wasp cable. This plugs into the 7 pin socket on the Wasp.

The control you get is limited by the design of the Wasp itself and of the 7 pin socket interface provided on it. You get control of 36 notes, the 25 on the Wasp keyboard, plus 11 notes lower - so the range is C# to C - MIDI notes 37 - 72.

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