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Q: Can Kenton supply me with a cable to connect my Juno-60 to my Roland MSQ-700?

A: Yes, we can build you a custom cable for this purpose. The price of the cable depends on what you want it to do. There are three options:

1) Juno-60 -> MSQ-700

2) MSQ-700 -> Juno-60

3) Bi-directional

Cables 1 & 2 cost £35.00 + VAT; cable 3 costs £50.00 + VAT.

Q: What is the 'Gate to S-trig converter lead' on your price list for?

A: This lead is required if you have a synth with an S-trig input, but you are using a MIDI-CV converter which does not output S-trig. The cable converts the MIDI-CV converter's Gate signal into a Short trigger (S-trig) , enabling you to drive the synth.

Please note that this cable is only needed for use with other manufacturers - all Kenton MIDI-CV converters have S-trig as standard.

Q: What do the MIDI note numbers mean?

A: Middle C on a keyboard is MIDI note #60

This means that the range for a standard 5 octave keyboard is #36 to #96 and for a full 88 note keyboard is #21 to #108. The notes are sometimes given names like C1 C2 etc. however there is little standardisation of this scheme so it is not a reliable indicator of the note which will sound.

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