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Midistream FAQs

Q: Why does MidiStream not use Bluetooth?

A: We started out developing both UHF and Bluetooth systems, but abandoned Bluetooth because of latency problems. As Bluetooth is a packet system, the packets have to be filled and notes can become noticably delayed, even with padding. There were other problems too but the latency issue was the overriding one. The UHF system that MidiStream uses gives almost zero latency.

Q: Does MidiStream send all MIDI channels?

A: MidiStream sends all MIDI channels plus SysEx and MIDI clock. In fact it transmits all MIDI messages. Just think of it as replacing a MIDI cable. What you put into the MIDI IN of the transmitter, you will get out of the MIDI OUT of the receiver.

Q: Does MidiStream handle SysEx?

A: Yes, MidiStream handles SysEx; it handles all MIDI messages - see the question above, does MidiStream send all MIDI channels?

Q: I've heard latency mentioned, will I hear a delay?

A: MidiStream has a latency figure of around 2 milliseconds. That is 2 thousandths of a second. This is imperceptible to the human ear. EVERY piece of equipment has SOME latency, however small.

Q: Will it work with my WX-5, windcontrollers send a lot of data?

A: MidiStream has a very high data throughput. You will not have any problems using MidiStream with a wind controller.

Q: How much will it cost to send to the USA?

A: Take the following link for a full breakdown of the costs for shipping MidiStream units to the USA.

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