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Retrofit FAQs

Q: How do I know if I have the 32 prog or the 120 prog OB-Xa?

A: The dead giveaway is that the 120 program version usually has a big badge on it, on the right side of the top panel saying 120 programs, so if you aren't sure, you've probably got the 32 program model.

However to be sure, try the following test as some earlier models have been updated to handle 120 progs or the badge might have fallen off.

To access more progs on the 120 version, it also allows you to press combinations of the A B C D buttons. (and the multiple leds stay lit)

On 32 prog model you can only select either A or B or C or D - ie A1, B1 etc.

On 120 prog model you can also select AB1 AC1 ABC1 ABCD1 etc etc. You have to press the letter keys at the same time as each other. You must press the number key afterwards.

So try pressing A & B at the same time and see if the A and B leds both stay lit. If they do, it's a 120 version. (or it just crashed)

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Q: How can I tell what revision my Prophet 5 synth is?

A: Refer to the list of serial numbers below:

2478 --->


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Q: What's the difference between the MIDI retro-fit and the MIDI-DCB converter for the Juno 60?

A: With the DCB box, you get an external unit which is substantially cheaper than a retro-fit. It allows you to send and receive MIDI notes. It has an output so you can clock the arpeggiator and another output so you can control the filter cutoff.

The retrofit allows you to send and receive notes, to clock the arpeggiator and to control filter cutoff. You may also control pitchbend, mod wheel, hold, program change and MIDI volume. Plus you have no trailing unit, it's all in the Juno case.

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Q. What is the difference between a 'Self-Install MIDI kit' and 'Factory Fitted MIDI'?

A. A self-install MIDI kit comprises all the parts and circuit boards (ready assembled and tested) for a full internal retrofit. It requires fitting by a competent service engineer (ie: someone who is capable of repairing the synth).

Factory fitted MIDI is installed by our own engineers here at Kenton Electronics. This service is usually only available to U.K. customers, as the synth needs to be delivered to our premises.

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Q. Why do your synth retrofits appear to be so expensive?

A. We find that customers who ask us this are comparing our kits with, say, soundcards manufactured in the Far East in great quantities using cheap labour and with guaranteed large volume sales.

Our retrofits cover an extensive range of models, each of which has been researched and custom designed for that model and which provide features unavailable elsewhere.

It is not unusual for us to sell only one or two of a model a year, thus preventing economies of scale to bring the price down. All retrofits are exhaustively tested and monitored over a prolonged period prior to despatch.

We feel that, all things considered, our products do represent good value for money.

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