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"...My recent purchase of your modular solo has brought me nothing but joy and greatly improved my eurorack- computer communications. Solid clock as well.!"

"... Kenton Midi USB Host to the rescue ... Works a treat, straight out of the box, arrived the next day. What more can I say?"

Here is a selection of unsolicited emails we have received from satisfied customers:

" I would pay a higher price for a piece of Kenton kit as the build quality is first rate and back service second to none. Recent power supply failed (not made by Kenton but supplied with Spindoctor), replaced by Kenton under guarantee within 48 hours - who else can boast that sort of back up? - I will be buying KENTON again in the future as I have complete confidence in their service and after sales. " - TGP" I would just like to express my utter and complete admiration for the Midistream...

Playing without a cable has been one of the most liberating experiences in my life. Having searched for a wireless MIDI solution for about 5 years, this little box has left me wanting to never go back to using the cable. The review presented in MTM is very well founded, and I can only concur with everything they had to say...

Once again, thank you for providing (yet another) vital application for me, and your personal service will never be forgotten. " - MSL

" Just a note to say how satisfied and impressed I am with the Midistream I bought a month ago. It is a faultless and reliable piece of equipment. But more than this it has opened up limitless possibilities for our show; No more 5 metre tether! No more using radio transmitters/receivers with stage pianos! No more limits! Now I am able to go anywhere I choose during the show. Every time I use the Midistream I cannot help having a grin on my face! Thanks " - JS

" Also... some more news about the MIDIStream... great news in fact. We really gave it a hard work out the other night and it was 100%... ...this product is thrilling stuff... I really hope it takes off for you. " - TF

"I want to commend you guys on such a fantastic quality product!!" - D

" I've had this [prototype] unit for the last two months, and it is bangin! it took a couple of weeks to get used to that kind of freedom, but once you have it, you can't go back." - Onyx Ashanti

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