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"...My recent purchase of your modular solo has brought me nothing but joy and greatly improved my eurorack- computer communications. Solid clock as well.!"

"... Kenton Midi USB Host to the rescue ... Works a treat, straight out of the box, arrived the next day. What more can I say?"


Kenton GPIM-16

16 input GPI to MIDI converter

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Kenton GPIM-16 16 input GPI to MIDI converter   £197.35 £236.82 Qty:   

This converter has 16 GPI inputs (general purpose interface) arranged on two 9 pin D sockets. It can output MIDI messages as Notes, Controllers (CCs) or Program Changes. In the following description references to MIDI note numbers also applies to Controller Numbers or Program Numbers if that is the output mode currently in use.

  Display:   3 x 7 segment display
  Power:   9V DC - 120mA max - 2.1mm – mains adaptor supplied
  Dimensions:   190 x 110 x 38 mm
  Weight:   800 gms including PSU
  MIDI:   In, Out1 & Out2 (out1 & out2 give the same data out)
  Inputs:   16 GPI – 8 on each of 2 x 9 pin D sockets – pin 9 common ground
  Power Supply:   Switch mode multi-region type with locking connector supplied with unit.
      Please refer to the manual for more details

Each block of 8 inputs can be assigned a starting MIDI note number and subsequent inputs follow on consecutive note numbers. (default for first block is 36-43, and for the second block is 44-51.

Each block of 8 inputs can be set whether note offs are sent when the switches open (default =yes) NB Off messages do not apply to Program Changes The MIDI transmit channel for all inputs can be set (range 1 to 16, default =1) The debounce value for all switch inputs can be set (range 1 to 100 milliseconds - default =10mS)

The inputs are arranged with internal pullups, so that shorting that input to ground will send the appropriate MIDI note-on message - releasing the short to ground will send a note-off message (unless disabled).

The D socket inputs are arranged with pins 1-8 as inputs 1-8 (or 9-16) and pin 9 as ground.

The GPIM-16 has two MIDI out sockets which both carry identical MIDI information. MIDI arriving at the MIDI input is merged with the data generated by the switch inputs and sent to the MIDI outs.

The unit is supplied complete with a switch mode multi-region power supply with locking connector.

Editing of parameters is acheived by use of push buttons in conjunction with the LED display.

In order that settings cannot be accidentally changed, edit mode can only be enabled using a recessed push button.


Connecting Leads

MIDI leads

Download the manual

To download the current manual click here (Acrobat File 616Kb)

For earlier versions and other manuals click here


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