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"...My recent purchase of your modular solo has brought me nothing but joy and greatly improved my eurorack- computer communications. Solid clock as well.!"

"... Kenton Midi USB Host to the rescue ... Works a treat, straight out of the box, arrived the next day. What more can I say?"

Retrofit Kits              

Fitting a MIDI retrofit kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or fitted by us at our premises in South London.

Serial Numbers                         

    How can I tell what revision my Prophet 5 synth is?

    Refer to the list of serial numbers below:

  0184-1299 2
  1300-2285 3.0
  2286-2423 3.1
  2424-2451 3.0
  2452-2455 3.2
  2456 3.0
  2457-2465 3.2
  2466 3.0
  2467-2476 3.2
  2477 3.0
  2478 ---> 3.2

If you don't know the serial number of your Prophet - as a rough guide: Rev 2 - has no heatsink on the back - the Rev 3.0/3.1 - has heatsink but no "interface" sockets Rev 3.2 - has heatsink and two interface sockets to the right of the heatsink (as you look at the back) Rev 3.3 - as 3.2 but has IEC mains socket and 120 programs instead of 40


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