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Firmware update chip for Pro-2000 mk1
This product cannot be re-flashed. An EPROM chip must be replaced to upgrade the firmware.

Pro-2000 firmware history - (replaced by mkII version March 2005)

22/01/2003 KP2K4305.331 Added 1 new clock divide ratio. 48 cpqn to enable you to sync Linndrum (already had 24 cpqn mode)
18/01/2003 KP2K4305.326 Aux ranges now update when you change between programs
31/01/1998 KP2K4305.314 Pitchbend setting range increased to 24 semitones / 128 note range for CV / reset all controllers recognised
11/01/1998 KP2K4305.200 Sysex send & receive added
06/01/1998 KP2K4305.175 All notes off recognised
19/12/1997 KP2K4305.048 Auxes can now be CVs & Gates
17/12/1997 KP2K4305.023 Auxes can now output trigger signal for ARP2600
17/07/1997 KP2K4305.000 Auto sync added
11/06/1997 KP2K4304.745 New wavetable for triangle LFO to sync at top of wave instead of the middle

The firmware revision of the Pro-2000 is briefly displayed whenever you turn the unit on. To display for longer, hold both the Inc & Dec buttons in while you power the unit on and keep them pressed until you have read the revision number.


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